New Functions of Fuzzlecheck 3

In the latest version of Fuzzlecheck, we have integrated several wishes and suggestions from Fuzzlecheck 2 users. Once again, we would like to thank our users for the helpful feedback. Besides these aforementioned improvements with the new functions, we have endeavoured to make the program even more intuitive and user friendly.

Here is an overview of the most important new features:

Transfer of license to another computer *

With your license key you can now deactivate Fuzzlecheck from your computer, allowing you to activate and use it on another computer. The online transfer of the license should take only a  moment or two. See more in “License transfer“.

Script import

Fuzzlecheck can import from scripts in a PDF format sheet numbers, settings, sets, cast and page count. The script  should adhere to a certain standard script presentation.

New print modes

Fuzzlecheck offers multiple new print options. All print-outs can be printed in portrait or landscape, in a variety of paper sizes, as PDF, RTF and as always they are accessible and can be exported via the clipboard.
•    Horizontal strips
•    Index card printing in a variety of formats
•    One-line shooting schedule print-out
•    Page per element
•    Individual breakdown sheets for each element
      (make-up, wardrobe and props)
•    Pre-installed layout versions
      (automatic distributors, work start and time plans in the Pro-Edition)
•    Layout editor to create individual layouts

Automatic backup function

Fuzzlecheck makes regular back ups of your project. Apart from avoiding the risk of losing data due to a technical computer problem, this function also gives you the possibility of reverting to an earlier version of your project at any time.

Link manager (PRO)

Fuzzlecheck can now link between several elements in the schedule. Fuzzlecheck ensures that linked elements are always added and deleted together.

Import function: Possibility to work as a team (PRO)

The new Import function makes simultaneous work on a project by more than one team member possible.

Category management with Contact details

The new Category management allows sorting by name, ID and frequency. Fuzzlecheck also stores information about agencies and private contact details, so you do not need to store this information elsewhere.

Custom columns

You can use these columns to enter and organize information relevant to your partiular production.

Time management (PRO)

Fuzzlecheck 3 Pro offers the possibility to define and save the following in the settings: specific non-availabilites on an hourly basis, the average shooting time for sheets, start times and time plans by department (including collection, arrival, make-up, wardrobe, shoot ready time). Once this information has been given, Fuzzlecheck will calculate all times automatically.

Pre- and post-production calendar

In Fuzzlecheck 3 the shooting period is now shown between two markers. Using these you have the possibility to create your pre- and post –production calendar.

Navigation bar

The  navigation bar at the bottom of the screen shows all sheets in chronoloigical order. Skip easily back and forth between sheets or select sheets in chronological order with ease.

Inspector window

The Inspector window shows the information contained in the currently selected sheet, day break divider or banner in its entirety. So even when using several IDs and abbreviations, you will never lose the schedule overview.

Distribution list-creation (PRO)

Fuzzlecheck creates an  automatic distribution list for call sheets or simply a mailing list.

Further sort function

Sort sheets by more using multiple criteria simultaneously.

New text search

The new search function offers the possibility to search for text from the project as a whole. The search function also allows you to filter the sheets in the schedule according to certain elements (e.g. a particular role).

More new features

•    Availability management also for sets
•    Day break dividers can also be printed at the end of the schedule
•    More detailed set up possible, which information should be printed with which element (only ID, only name, only category etc.)
•    Export as PDF or RTF document
•    Automatic calculation of estimated film running time and shooting time (Pro)
•    Comparison of boards according to shooting days for each element (Pro)
•    Adding of elements to banner texts
•    Expanding selected sheets (to see all information in full)
•    Sheet number column always stays at the beginning
•    Elements can be automatically added to multiple sheets
•    New edit functions: move to end, skip to next sheet, skip to previous sheet
•    Columns not required can be easily hidden
•    Automatic check for duplicate IDs or sheets

* License transfers are possible for a five year period from the purchase date.