Fuzzlecheck 3 Pro

New functions, better compatibility and 100 detailed improvements

The Pro-Edition offers many extra deluxe features and is ideal for working in a team, when setting up a series (importing elements from a previous project) or simply working more extensively with Fuzzlecheck 3. Useful also in smaller productions are the automated functions, e.g. the automatic creation of a shooting schedule direct from the script.

New functions

Fuzzelcheck Pro now encompasses an array of new and developed features. One of these is the script import function. When importing a script in standard format as a PDF file, this allows the automatic creation of a shooting schedule using this information.

There is also now a Link Manager (icon top-right), allowing you to link together interdependent elements, (e.g. you are able to link Actor X with the cowboy hat and the special mask)

Also new are the time chronology and calculation features. Each sheet can now have a concrete shooting time allocated, each shooting day a start time and break times, as well as preparation time for each department and specific times of non-availability for either cast members or sets. So let the time and dispostion be automatically organised for you, and get a faster overview of any potential time availability problems.

The sort function has also been improved, and now has three sorting possibilities.

Team und Unit Management

With Fuzzlecheck 3 Pro you can keep track of the whole team from Production manager to the runner, and have their addresses and contact details at your fingertips. Teams can now be joined together to form units using the Link Manager (First Unit, Second Unit), and then attached to sheets as a unit rather than individually. Using these functions, you may let Fuzzlecheck automatically create call sheets and mailing lists on your behalf.
A list of the whole team can also be created for export purposes using the export function, e.g. for use in Microsoft Excel® or OpenOffice®.

Working in a Team

With the help of the newly developed import function, it is now possible for multiple team members to work on a project and then later combine their work in one file. This means the extensive work required when creating a shooting schedule can be dvivided between several people. For example, the First A.D. can work on the planning for the Extras, while at the same time the Producer works on the availabilites of the cast.