Fuzzlecheck 3 Standard

The affordable way to create professional shooting schedules

The standard edition of Fuzzlecheck contains all features necessary to create a professional shooting schedule. It is suitable for work on smaller production, but also for departmental work (costume, makeup, props) on bigger productions.

Professional standards   

Fuzzlecheck Standard contains all print templates and export options you will need for the running of a professional film production. By the simple push of a button you may print the shooting schedule, a list of your team, set lists, and breakdowns, as well as exporting these into other programs.

Automatic script import

The standard version now comes with automatic import of schooting schedules, used to create shooting schedules from every script formatted in a standard layout and available as pdf. The automatically created project can serve as an overview over the script or as a base for the actual schooting schedule.

Intuitive operation

When developing Fuzzlecheck Standard, we took great care in creating a user-friendly interface and intuitive operation. Even without prior knowledge of the program, you will quickly reach professional results.

New print-outs & exports

Many users have contributed to the development of Fuzzlecheck 3, in particular to the presentation of new print-outs, which we have now integrated into Fuzzlecheck 3. Consequently there are now print-outs for vertical bars, a one-line print-out for the shooting schedule, lists of sheets per element, non-availabilities print-outs, sheet extracts for each element (i.e. for makeup, costume, props etc.), print-outs in landscape format in various sizes, as well as the option to save the data either as a PDF or RTF.

Many new functions

The standard version offers an entirely new interface known as the ‘inspector window’, which displays current information about the selected sheet. The navigation bar helps to quickly find the sheets in the schedule.

In Fuzzlecheck 3 you may also specify non-availabilities for sets. By using the marker for the beginning and end of shooting it is now possible to move sheets to before or after the beginning or end of shooting, thereby creating a pre-production calendar with appointments for individual team members.

Compatability with Fuzzlecheck 3 Pro

Fuzzelcheck Standard is completely compatible with Fuzzlecheck Pro, i.e. a project may be edited using various different versions of Fuzzlecheck and may be transferred between the standard and pro version without problems. This means you may continue working on an already running project using Fuzzlecheck 3 Standard, or work alongside a project in the pro version.


Programs for shooting schedules carry a lot of responsibility in a film production. The new automatic backup function guarantees the highest possible level of data security, and in addition offers the possibility to revert to an earlier version of the schedule at any time.