Fuzzlecheck FAQs 

How does the demo version function?

Fuzzlecheck is offered as a program package which can be downloaded right now as a demo version. As soon as you have purchased your license key, the full version can be activated and used.

Can I use my license on another computer?

Yes, the license can be easily deactivated on one computer and then activated on a different computer.
See also ->License transfer

I have a virus and would like to change my hardware, or for other reasons need to re-install my system.

To interrupt the license for Fuzzlecheck, follow the instructions as if you wanted to transfer the license onto another computer. This means you will deactivate the license on your computer, re-install your operating system, and then reactivate the license once more. Attention: You MUST always deactivate the license! If the license is interrupted in another way this could cause it to cease functioning.

Can I open Fuzzlecheck 2 files in Fuzzlecheck 3?

Yes, old Fuzzlecheck 2 files can be opened on Fuzzlecheck 3. However, when saving the file will be converted to the new Fuzzlecheck 3 format, and will therefore no longer be readable on Fuzzlecheck 2.

Can I open a Windows file in Mac?

Yes, Fuzzlecheck files can be transferred between Windows and Mac operating systems.

Fuzzlecheck doesn't start with OS X

Apple has increased it's safety restrictions for programs.
To run Fuzzlecheck with Moutain Lion, please go to your system settings.

In the "safety" panel you find "allow programs from the following sources".
Click the padlock symbol to change the settings. Select "no restrictions". After that, Fuzzlecheck will start as usual.

What is Java ?

Java is the program language in which Fuzzlecheck is written. This enables the program to work on different operating systems. To run Fuzzlecheck you must have an up-to-date version of Java installed on your computer. On Macintosh computers Java is already installed as part of the operating system. When using Windows it requires installation. You can easily download Java from the website: http://www.java.com.

Which computer specifications do I require?

You should be able to use any recently bought (new) computer. The program needs about 20MB memory space and 512 MB RAM. You may run the program using Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, Windows 8 and on Macintosh from OS 10.5 (Leopard).

What is not included in the Demo version?

The Demo Version of Fuzzlecheck allows you to test the program but does not allow you to save shooting schedules,  print or export files. In order to use these features, you must purchase a license and activate your program with the license key provided.

Is the name "Fuzzelcheck" or "Fuzzlecheck"?

Since the 3rd version the program name has been changed to Fuzzlecheck, to allow the export of it as a product outside of Germany.

Can Fuzzlecheck carry out calculations?

No, but you can export any relevant data using the export function to Microsoft Excel ®, Open Office® or other programs which can perform the required operations.

When Fuzzlecheck activates, does it send private information?

No, Fuzzlecheck sends your license key along with a hardware key, which links your server to the Fuzzlecheck system.

Why does Fuzzlecheck not offer telephone support?

Fuzzlecheck is a very small outfit. Therefore we are unfortunately unable to offer telephone support. You can contact us with any questions, or for technical support by e-mail. We endeavour to reply to all e-mails within one working day.

My problem was not solved..

Perhaps you can find further information in the -> Manual? If not please write to: