Fuzzlecheck 4

Download Fuzzlecheck 3

You can download the outdated version of Fuzzlecheck 3 here:

Switching from Fuzzlecheck 3

  • Can I still open my old Fuzzlecheck 3 projects?

    Yes. Projects created in Fuzzlecheck 3 can be opened in Fuzzlecheck 4. However, projects created in Fuzzlecheck 4 can not be opened in Fuzzlecheck 3, since many of the new features are not supported by the older version.
  • Can I use Fuzzlecheck 4 while my colleagues are using Fuzzlecheck 3?

    This is not a good idea (see above). For team projects we suggest you create an Online Project. One single fee gives access to all members of your team to edit the project.
  • Can I use my old license key for Fuzzlecheck 4?

    No. Fuzzlecheck 4 is a major update with many new features. We are offering an upgrade for users of Fuzzlecheck 3.
  • Do I still need to deactivate and activate my license when changing my computer?

    No. You only have to activate your license once. Then you can use your license on any computer by logging in with your user account. An internet connection is required once every 24 hours to perform the license check.
  • I would like to work with Fuzzlecheck like on Fuzzlecheck 3, i.e. without registering and without an internet connection.

    This is still possible. Select Advanced in the bottom left of the welcome screen and choose License Management. In the next window you can activate your license for one computer only, like in Fuzzlecheck 3.
  • Is it possible to import my old printing layouts?

    Yes, Fuzzlecheck 4 can import most printouts from Fuzzlecheck 3. However, we suggest you rebuild them from scratch. Fuzzlecheck 4 offers many more formatting options and therefore may not import your old layouts correctly.


  • Why do I need a license?

    If you want to work with Fuzzlecheck 4 on traditional, file-based projects, you need a single-user license. You can choose between three editions (Standard, Pro and Units). With a single-user license, you can create and edit as many file-based projects as you want. A license is valid for one user for 5 years.
  • Can I create Online Projects with my single-user license?

    No. Online projects are independent from the licenses. You only need a single Online Ticket to create an Online Project. Depending on the edition you use, this includes 4, 8 or 20 users. This ticket includes all users.
  • How does license activation work in Fuzzlecheck 4?

    When you open the application for the first time, create an account. Then activate your license for that account. Enter the license key you received when purchasing Fuzzlecheck (see receipt). Now you can log in on any computer with your login data and use Fuzzlecheck with your account.
  • How do I activate the program on a computer used by many individuals (in a company or in a school / university)?

    Launch the program with a right-click and select Run as Administrator. On the Welcome screen, click Advanced (at the bottom left) and select License Management. In the following window you can activate a license for all users of this PC.

Online Projects

  • Can I try out an Online Project?

    Yes. Create an online demo project and share it with other users. It works exactly like a normal project, but will be deleted after 24 hours.
  • I would like to work with several people on an online project. Do they all need their own license?

    No. For an online project, you only need a single Online Ticket. All users are included in the cost of this ticket and do not need their own license to use the program (depending on the project edition: 4, 8 or 20 people).
  • How long is an Online Project valid?

    We sell online tickets for 3 or 6 months. You can extend a project at any time with a new online ticket.
  • Can I upgrade my online project to Pro or Units later?

    Yes. With a new online ticket for the respective edition, you can upgrade the project at any time.
  • Can I archive the data on my harddrive after completing my project?

    Yes, you can download your project to a harddrive at any time.


  • I have forgotten my password. Where can I reset it?

    For security reasons, we do not offer an automatic anonymous password reset. Please write us an e-mail.

    Important: If you have chosen the Very High Security Level for your account, you are solely responsible for your password. In this case, we are actually unable to reset the password. Because your project data is encrypted with your password, we can only restore it if you shared it with other users.
  • Where is the data of the online project being saved? Is my data secure?

    In order to offer the multi-user functionality of Online Projects, project data must be stored online on a server. Fuzzlecheck uses end-to-end encryption. Data is encrypted with your password on your computer, then securely encrypted on the transport path as well as on our server. It can neither be read by third parties nor by the server provider, therefore the security of your data is directly dependent on the password you select.
    We also offer a Very High Security Level where we do not save your encrypted password. This means we can not restore your data in the case of password loss. Please select the Very High Security Level only if you can make absolutely sure you will not lose or forget your password.


  • Why doesn’t Fuzzlecheck provide telephone support?

    Fuzzlecheck is a small company. Therefore we can not offer telephone support. We try to answer all emails within one business day.