Fuzzlecheck 4

Online Projects

All your crew members can work on the same projects at the same time in an Online Project.
Depending on the edition, 4, 8 or up to 20 people can collaborate and share their data with all other departments.

In the Pro and Units editions, you can grant individual access rights for each user.
For example, you can give write access in the costume category to members of your costume department only.
If you don’t want your preliminary shooting shedule to be published yet, simply set it as private, or make it visible only to certain people.

Screenplay Import

Fuzzlechek can import all relevant data from your PDF screenplay, saving you a lot of work.

The following elements will be recognized and imported: scene numbers, locations, INT/EXT, day/night information, roles with dialogue and number of script pages.

Screenplay Import works with most common screenplay formats. It is also available in the trial version.


Fuzzlecheck’s main display always shows the schedule boards. The layout is similar to the printed shooting schedule.

In the boards, you can break down your script, enter all relevant project data and specify the desired shoot dates. Schedule your scenes by dragging them on the desired days.


Fuzzlecheck keeps track of your locations, your cast, all extras and crew members, props, make-up and wardrobe elements and organizes them in lists.

You can also sort these elements by your personal criteria and group them into folders.

In the contacts window, input personal contact data for your actors, their agencies or for shooting locations.

Unscheduled Box

On the left side of the screen you will find all sheets that are not scheduled in the selected board.

The unscheduled box allows you to work with multiple shoot schedules with differing sheets at the same time.

Availability & Conflicts

Availabilty Management is a core feature of a shooting scheduling software.

Set the availibility of each actor, location or crew member during the dates of production. You can specify entire days or certain hours only.
Fuzzlecheck will monitor availability in the background and warn you if there is a conflict.

Printouts and Reports

Fuzzlecheck can create the following documents for you in a matter of seconds:
Schedule, Single Row Schedule, Grid Schedule, Detailed Schedule, Date Breakdown by Sheet, Standard Breakdown, Make-Up Breakdown, Wardrobe Breakdown Legend (for shooting schedule), Contacts List, Cast & Crew List, Sets & Location Overview, Shooting Periods Report, Schedule Updates, Elements to be Cast, Screen Time Count (also for Excel), Extras Overview (also for Excel), Elements per Day, Props per Day, Day-Out-Of-Days, Calendar, Callsheet.

Most of the printouts can be customized to fit your needs. Reports can be printed, exported as a PDF file or as a text document (for Word or LibreOffice Writer). Some can be exported as a spreadsheet document (for Excel or LibreOffice Calc).

Extras Management

Fuzzlecheck offers a complete solution for managing extras. It lets you assign extras to groups and specify the number of extras you need for each individual scene.

The printout "Extras Overview" shows how many extras of each group are needed on every single shoot day and for every unit.

Tags for Scenes

With Tags, you can mark single sheets as cancelled or completed. Cancelled sheets will be skipped in the total count.

Holidays and
Project Calendar

The calendar window shows working times and unavailable dates for cast and crew, plus events that may conflict with shooting.

Fuzzlecheck accounts for public holidays of most European countries and the United States.

Features in Pro Edition

Time Management

Fuzzlecheck Pro allows you to schedule down to the minute.

Select a start time for your day and define the shoot duration for each scene. Fuzzlecheck calculates working times and creates timetables for pickup and arrival on set for all actors and crew members.

Schedule Comparison View

Fuzzlecheck 4 can display two boards side by side and align the day breaks synchronized by date.

You can use this mode to build your schedule or to compare two schedules.


Banner Templates

Are you always using the same banner with the same setups?
Using banner templates you can create a banner to be used each day for the same amount of time, for example a 45 minute lunch break.

Rest Periods Monitoring

Fuzzlecheck can monitor the rest periods of your crew between two days and indicate if you are not scheduling appropriately.

Custom Shoot Day Count

Fuzzlecheck 4 allows you to schedule more than one shooting period over a long time.

You can also set up a specific shoot day count or just mark single day breaks as days off.

Automatic Boards

Filter and sort your sheets using various criteria. You can save them in automatic boards and always have access to these filters.

Layout Editor

We have redesigned the layout editor from scratch.
It offers many more formatting options and is much easier to use.

The layout editor is available for all shooting schedule printouts and all breakdowns. You can also create your own layout for day breaks, banners and unit breaks.

Features in Unit Edition


Parallel Teams

Fuzzlecheck 4 Units is a complete new edition. It supports productions working with multiple units on only some days as well as series productions which coordinate many units on each day.

Synchronized View

Fuzzlecheck 4 lets you choose between a classic view and a column view which shows all units side-by-side.

You can synchronize the day breaks of each unit by date, giving a clear overview.

Individual Shoot Day Count

Fuzzlecheck can manage a separate shoot day count for each unit.

If you set individual shoot start times for each unit, Fuzzlecheck calculates the working times of each cast and crew member on location and indicates any conflict.


Reports for Unit Productions

All printouts and exports are optimized for the use of multiple units. Some can also be printed separately for each unit.

Episode Numbering

Fuzzlecheck Units offers a special column “Episode Number” for series productions.

You can sort scenes by episode numbers in automatic boards and always group scenes from one episode together.


Improve your print outs by automatically highlighting special elements.

For example, you mark a certain location or a special actor with a key color and highlight all scenes of one episode.